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All ages and levels. All styles and approaches. Through Jonathon Hornedo’s personalized approach lessons will consider paint application, process, and style. Students, usually the more advanced, may also use their scheduled time for discussion, mentorship, consultations in professional art-world skills, and studio visits. Hornedo specializes in both short term courses as well as long-term mentorships. Students also have the opportunity to show their work at Pretend Gallery for an annual student exhibition.

25/hour for the first initial meeting and includes a handmade Canvas Panel

45/hour for one-on-one meetings

300/month when paid in advanced (8 hours)

10/hour after first 2 hours can be used as extra studio time

55/hour at student’s home or studio

400/month when paid in advanced (8 hours)

At least two hours are recommended per session, but not required.

Contact the galley for questions and to discuss scheduling.

Jonathon Hornedo



(562) 822-8564