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Limited Edition Canvas Panel

$45.00 / Sold Out

20 x 28"
1 7/8" depth
Cotton, wood panel, PVA, wood glue, finishing nails
Edition of 7

Pretend Gallery’s Limited Edition Canvas Panels truncates the distance between painting support and gallery exhibition. It omits the imaginary, although soothing, lines that define and distinguish artist, collector, and gallery. Seven blank, unprimed canvas panels of equal dimension and price will be on view for a one night event-based project on Thursday September 27 from 7 to 10pm.

A job description tangler, Limited Edition Canvas Panels offers collectors an opportunity to paint their own paintings and then exhibit them in a group show at an artist-run gallery. Several weeks or months after this event, conditional on work pace, the collectors will exhibit their work together. The value of the canvas panels will increase. Exhibiting their work is a mandatory component of their transaction with Pretend Gallery.

Pick up only.