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Adult Contemporary, Collector's Edition


Your face, your legacy. Adult Contemporary, Collector's Edition

Adult Contemporary, Collector's Edition is a portrait project by Jonathon Hornedo. It exists in concert with his second visual Art Album called Adult Contemporary , a group of 11 self-portraits he made in 2017. Instead of painting himself over and over again, Hornedo will invite you to his studio, offer you a refreshment, and he will talk with you about whatever comes to mind. He will want to get to know you. Talk to him. About anything. Hornedo will probably show you some work in progress. At a certain point he will direct you to sit in a chair against a wall and he will turn on a flood light. Using a Microsoft Surface Pro, Hornedo will photograph you about 10 to 15 times. You won't even know it's happening. Painless as fuck.

You won't get to choose which photo or what colors Hornedo will use for your portrait. That's Hornedo's job. Plus it's more fun to be surprised. Your job is to wear any clothes, costumes, or make any face you want. Hang out for up to an hour. Or if you gotta go, then go. About 2 to 3 months later Hornedo will contact you to pick up your painting.

oil on canvas
20 x 28"

$300 down gets your portrait started. Contact the gallery for general inquiries or info on flexible payment options