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Laundromat Book Club


Pretend Gallery’s washer and dryer set is from Electrolux’s Gallery Series. It’s a commercial, heavy duty, super capacity machine with a Sound Silencer Plus and a ¾ horsepower motor. We’re not sure if that’s good, but we’ve only needed the belts changed once in four years. The washer has made a high pitch screech about half way through its cycle, and again towards the end, ever since. Otherwise it works fine. No need to bring quarters.

The laundry detergent we use is biodegradable and dye and perfume free. We also use unscented fabric softener sheets. Bring laundry and a book. Or browse through the Pretend Gallery Library.

Laundromat Book Club can be organized and hosted at the gallery in Echo Park, Los Angeles upon request of the event patron. Alternatively, we can organize it in your home where we would use your washer and dryer and an appropriate room to set up the Pretend Gallery Library. Every iteration is a little different. At least one artist will be invited to contribute to the event in a unique way.

Duration: 8 hours

Please contact the gallery with questions. Or invite us to your home to discuss possible ways we can work together.

Press Release from the third iteration of Laundromat Book Club